My Best Business Decision In 2013 And How It Will Make 2014 A Huge Success

In 2013, one of the best decisions I made was to find a mentor. I spent several years treating this business as a hobby which was a huge mistake. I tried every type of business model, but only just to see what it was all about. I didn’t take any of them serious and in doing so, wandered around to different shiny objects. That aimless drift lasted several years.

One of my big goals for 2013 was to find the mentor that would lead me away from this aimless wandering. Not only did I achieve that goal, I did it in a big way. I can tell you it has had the biggest impact on my business and the movement of treating this stuff as an actual business.

Outside of perhaps a franchise model, there isn’t a blueprint of how to create a successful business. I think that’s why so many online businesses fail. I’m sure many die before they are even considered a real business. I knew that was going to be my fate if I didn’t change something. When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s impossible to know the right direction to take.

I made some pretty strict requirements for the mentor I wanted. I know there are hundreds of people online that call themselves mentors. I wanted the right one. My goal was to find a mentor that had a 100% success rate with his students. Someone who has taught and helped all of their students create a successful online business that supports them and allows them to quit their jobs.

Pretty lofty goal, huh? I thought so, until I actually reached it.

I’m now on a path that certainly leads to the exact success I’m looking for. I know this because other students that are just ahead of me in the coaching program have become successful.

Every one of them.

That’s not some hype claim. I’ve talked to them. I talk to them every day. They are the real deal.

On my current path, I’m set to make 2014 the biggest year of success for me yet. The success is as guaranteed as the path, I just have to follow it. Which I have done and will continue to do.

A lot of what I’ll be talking about this year on the blog is about what I’ve done, and what I plan to do. I certainly want to take you with me on this journey.

Here’s to making 2014 the best year yet! Let me know what big plans you have, or want to achieve in 2014. Most importantly, how can I help you get there. Leave a comment below and let’s chat!


  • Liliana Marsden

    Reply Reply January 8, 2014

    What a great post. Finding a mentor is one of the biggest decision you will make in your IM career. I think both of us are very lucky with John.

    The mentoring, the ethics and the assistance John gives pretty amazing. He is there for us when we need him.

    As someone said recently, he never shouts :-)

    Let’s keep the good work in 2014

    • John

      Reply Reply January 18, 2014

      I am very lucky to be working with John. It’s amazing that he has students that are now just as successful as he is. With that kind of track record, the only thing to do is follow in the footsteps of his success!

      Here’s to a great 2014!

  • Patrick Todd

    Reply Reply January 9, 2014

    Great post!! Could not agree with you more, many of us spend too much time going around in circles or chasing the ONE click success. A good mentor will certainly guide us and shorten the learning curve.

    • John

      Reply Reply January 18, 2014

      I know I spent more time than I care to admit chasing those “one click success” promises. Now I’m focused on the precise things I need to do for that success.

  • Jim

    Reply Reply January 9, 2014


    I must say that selecting a mentor is the easy part – there are many out there (I have worked with one in particular previously – a long and winding story). But getting someone who is willing to invest themselves in you, as John does, is fairly unique.

    I have come to realise very early the impact of having the support not only of a mentor, but also of fellow trainees who can support me in my challenges, but who I can also assist from my own experiences, is vital in creating my own path in life!

    Here’s to a great 2014 for you, me and the rest of John’s team!

  • Sergio Felix

    Reply Reply January 10, 2014

    Hey John, your story reminds me a lot of mine when I was getting started online.

    I refused to get any mentor’s help for a long time and now I regret wasting all that time and ultimately money as well from doing so.

    Obviously they don’t have the best reputation out there but that’s only because there are a few bad apples out there.

    Luckily for us, there are still genuine mentors (like John Thornhill) and to be honest, getting a mentor was one of the best decisions I have ever made online even though my mentor is someone else.

    I really think you can achieve anything you want as long as you never quit and keep pushing forward.

    I know this sounds like a broken record but I know it’s true because I have seen it myself countless times now.

    So all the best for this 2014 and hope to see you at the top very soon man!

    Sergio Felix

    • John

      Reply Reply January 18, 2014

      Hi Sergio,

      I used to think the same thing, it sounded like a broken record to me and I didn’t listen. I thought it was hype that “you really need to find a good mentor”.

      I wish I didn’t waste so much time with those negative thoughts. I would certainly be much further along if I had gotten out of my own way and just took that advice long ago.

      I look forward to working with you in 2014!

  • Roman

    Reply Reply January 18, 2014

    Hi John,

    My plan is to confirm John’s success rate. His support is really great: if you don’t quit, you can’t fail.

    Best wishes,

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